We have produced a range of informational and frequently asked questions from feedback we have received.  If you would like posters for any of the topics below please email keith@securityregisters.com.au and ask for our marketing material and posters.

How to download the Security Registers app?

Open the app and click on register at the bottom of the screen

Enter your details in the boxes provided. These must be the same details that appear on your Security License

Hit the next button at the bottom of the screen. If any of your details are incorrect it will not let you progress.

Upload a picture of the front and back of your license and hit the next button.

Enter your contact details in the boxes provided, including a photo of yourself.

Password needs to be a minimum of 4 characters.

Click Register. This completes the registration process. 


Open the Security Registers App.

Enter your email and password; and hit Sign On.

Choose your venue from the drop-down box. You can only sign on at the venue. Now enter the venue code if requested.

Select your start time

Sign on the box provided.    HIT SIGN-ON


How to file an incident report?


Open your Security Registers app by pressing the icon on your device.

1. Press the “ADD INCIDENT” button.

2. Ensure the date and time of the incident is correct.

3. Fill all the information in the boxes provided. Please write as much detail as possible in the “BRIEF DESCRIPTION” box. This should be your recollection of the incident.

4. Add any Police or Ambulance details in the boxes provided.

5. Detail any injuries to anyone involved in the incident.

6. Press “NEXT STEP” and complete the details for the patron involved in the incident. If multiple patrons are involved, click “ADD PATRON” and complete the details.

7. Add any other security guards involved, these can only be guards that are signed on to Security Registers at the time of the incident.

8. Add any witnesses by pressing “ADD WITNESS”.

9. Complete what you did after the incident by selecting from the options.

10. Press “SUBMIT” and all is complete.


Open the Security Registers app by pressing the icon on your device.

1. Press the “EDIT INCIDENT” button.

2. Select the correct incident report you would like to edit.

3. Scroll through the report and change details of the incident, then hit “NEXT STEP”.

4. Scroll through this page and change details of patron details or add patrons, then press “NEXT STEP”.

5. Scroll through the page and add guards if required or witnesses, then press “RESUBMIT DETAILS”.

6. Please speak with Venue Management if unsure about this process.


How to turn on location services?

Apple users:

  • Settings
  • Scroll down to the Security Registers app icon
  • Change location settings to always

Android users:

  • Settings
  • Apps & Notifications
  • Select Security Registers
  • Permissions
  • Turn on Location services to always


Having trouble?



  • Check if your mobile data is enabled or are connected to wifi.
  • Location settings; ensure you have location settings turned ON (the app does not track you).
  • Allow notifications so that if you forget to sign off you get the messages.
  • Keep the APP updated; check to see if you need to update the app (you should be prompted to do this).

Still, having problems? If you are still unable to sign in, use another guard or manager's phone to sign on.


What do you need for a compliance check?

  • Access your digital register at www.securityregisters.com.au  click on the app portal and enter your details.
  • The ability to print any pages requested by OLGR/OFT/Liquor Unit.
  • The ability to bind the pages if requested - 3 staples and tape down the spine.
  • Access to incident reports click on the incident tab at the top of the screen to display these.


Any questions or concerns?

Please call Keith at 0452 363 166

Security Registers Contact

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